Line marking on grass.

Line marking services for sports grounds make your life easier.

No need to purchase equipment, stock up on line marking paint or find a willing club volunteer to do the work. We can mark out sports field white lines and maintain throughout the sports season for you.

Line Marking Sports Ground
Line Marking for Soccer Pitch
Professional Line Marking of Sports Grounds
Line Marking Sports Ground
Professional Line Marking of Sports Grounds

Having trouble line marking?

Ever tried to mark out an Australian Rules Football oval from scratch? It’s not easy to achieve an accurate and symmetrical decreasing radius as you approach the point posts but we’ve perfected it into a fine art form.

Can you guarantee that your soccer pitch, rugby pitch or lacrosse fields are square?

We can!

Grass Graphix have the skills, knowledge and innovative techniques that will ensure that your playing fields are marked out perfectly every time.

Sports line marking services.

We can mark out and maintain the lines for the following sports:

  • Australian Rules Football field line marking
  • Soccer pitch line marking
  • Rugby pitch line marking
  • Lacrosse field line marking
  • Hockey field line marking
  • Baseball/Softball diamond line marking

We can provide an initial field line marking service as well as periodic over marking at very reasonable rates.

Sign up now and reserve your club’s spot for a Friday or Saturday line marking service so that it is fresh and vibrant for every home game.

We supply the equipment, paint and expert service. No need for equipment maintenance, expensive bulk paint orders or to seek volunteers, we take care of everything.

Alternatively, we can utilise your club’s existing resources and just provide the service.

Don’t just settle for white boundary or sidelines. Incorporate your club colours into the field markings and reinforce that home ground advantage feeling.

Line marking for schools.

Is your school hosting a sporting carnival? Grass Graphix can help.

We have years of experience in marking out sporting fields for school sports, District sports carnivals, lightning premierships and more.

We can ensure that your school sporting event has perfectly marked out lines in the following sports:

  • Australian Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • Rugby
  • Cricket
  • Athletics – Track line marking
  • Athletics – Throwing events sector marking
  • Baseball/Softball/Tee Ball/Rounders diamonds
  • Hockey
  • Lacrosse

Grass Graphix services all areas across Melbourne and major regional centres of Victoria.

Servicing all areas across Melbourne, Victoria.